GOODBITES are superfood snacks that taste good and are good for you. 

GOODBITES are all raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO. In just a year, GOODBITES are being carried in 75 health food markets, juice bars and coffee shops in Los Angeles, NYC, and SF, including Dean & Deluca and Whole Foods. 

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with a genetic disease. Western medicine had no cure, and doctors told me to accept my dismal reality. As an active, fun-loving single mom, I couldn't do that. So I began researching how food can cure illnesses.

I soon discovered a raw, vegan diet—and it truly changed my life. In just a few months, I was back to feeling good again. My son was a teenager at the time. I wanted the food I healed with to appeal to him, too. But he disliked the raw, vegan packaged snacks sold in stores. So I turned our kitchen into an R&D lab. I began innovating, designing new recipes with unique and nutrient-dense ingredients that tasted delicious. My son was thrilled with GOODBITES, so I decided to share them with the world.