Today, many processed snack foods offer little to no nutrients and are increasingly becoming major contributors to diabetes and obesity. A modern snack food product may have ingredients including (but not limited to): trans fats, corn syrup, preservatives, gluten, coloring and hydrogenated oils. All of these materials aid the food industry in making cheap and profitable products, but none of them provide nutrients. The philosophy behind GOODBITES is that all food should be nutritious and tasty, and our ingredients embody this ideal:

Five years ago, I was faced with a health challenge—I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. It was a condition that left me lethargic and it couldn't be cured with Western medicine. I began looking for alternatives that would help me feel better, which was when I discovered raw food.

Within less than a month into a high raw diet, I was back to looking well and feeling good. It was a challenge to make snacks that were both nutrient-dense and tasty enough to satisfy me. I tweaked and altered my recipes, constantly balancing the nutrition and the taste. I turned my life into a healthful test kitchen, drawing on all my traditional cooking experience while creating recipes that helped me feel better.

To me, raw food represents a movement away from processed products. While other organic alternatives can be packed with unhealthy sweeteners and hidden preservatives, it's possible to create tasty snacks that aren't junk. I’ve created GOODBITES, a raw superfood truffle. They derive their flavor from organic ingredients, so that they taste good and are good for you. I’m particularly proud of my decadent truffle, which is a dense chocolate, covered in hemp seeds, made with smooth coconut oil and creamy raw honey—ingredients that lessen the chalkiness you might be familiar with in other raw or cacao foods.

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